Shampooing réparateur solvant Solvent hair repair shampoo


    To balance the sebaceous system


    • Oily hair
    • Sebum excess
    • Oily and sticky dandruff

    Cosmetic identity

    • Rosemary essential oil: antiseptic, détoxinating.
    • Cypress essential oil: regenerating.
    • Lemon essential oil: astringent, tonifying.
    • Sepicap MP: hair protection against free radicals, pollution, brushing. Thanks to lipoamino-acids and panthenol, it helps in keratin integrity.
    • Extract of Laminaria digitata: rich in oligo elements, minerals and protector organic fibers.


    Dry application of the shampoo, on the scalp, part by part by means of a brush or a dispenser


    2 to 3 times a week


    Fluid and soft cream emulsion

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