Baume lissant démêlant Disentangling and smoothing balm


    The Disentangling and smoothing balm is an hair conditioner care to be used after the shampoo. It helps in the hair smooting without making it heavy. It also provides suppleness and brightness.


    To be applied after the shampoo on shaken dry hair

    Cosmetic identity

    • Extract of Birch: antiseptic.
    • Extract of Juniper: anti-inflammatory, draining.
    • Extract of Artichoke: detoxinating, draining, stimulent.
    • Extract of Lime tree: smoothing, vasoprotector.
    • Extract of Laminaria digitata: rich in oligo elements, minerals and protecting organic fibers.
    • Vitamin B2.
    • Active cationic tension: conditionner agent.
    • Lemon essential oil: astringent, tonifying.
    • Clove essential oil: energizing, tonifying.
    • Lavender essential oil: anti infectious, anti-inflammatory.


    After each shampoo.


    Fluid and wrapping emulsion.

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