FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Why the Ophyto® products are different?

    The "Ophyto® Energetic Cares" products have been created according to the Chinese tradition precepts. Each of our cares ranges has the privilege to address to one the 5 Elements of the Tradition. We propose specific tools that will target, balance and maintain the energetic activity to its best level and we intervene then in the heart of the imbalance and decrease the causes. An energetic product has been elaborated to be the most efficient possible for the skin. Our technique aims to understand and intervene with the internal functioning and not only with visible disgraces.

    Is the "Ophyto® Energetic Cares" method complicate?

    Our method is open to everybody. Our cares have been worked out by professionals for professionals. They are available in our educational unit: we propose a pilot center, a large treatment room, a classroom, various documents and technical manuals. Step by step, our educational team will be able to make you discovering and controlling all the "Ophyto® Energetic Cares" protocols.

    Do the "Ophyto® Energetic cares" treatments and products suit every skin types?

    The multi ethnic "Ophyto® Energetic cares" range suits every skin type. Inspired from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they have been formulated for answering all needs and limiting specific disgraces.

    What is the function of the Substrates?

    The Substrates are the essence of the "Ophyto® Energetic Cares" range. Real energetic concentrates, they are serums that may be used alone or combined with vectors products. They allow to precisely target energetic imbalances. They act in depth on the origin of aesthetic troubles and address then their causes durably.

    What is the function of the Ophyto® colored clays?

    The Ophyto® colored clays are powerfully remineralizing. Thanks to their properties, they ease the deep detoxination, healing and penetration of their active ingredients.

    What is the rate of the "Ophyto® Energetic Cares"?

    The Ophyto® Energetic Cares may be applied regularly (at the rate of 1 care every 2 weeks), in cure or in annual cycle.

    What is the "Ophyto® Energetic Cares" cycle?

    The cycle offers an annual follow-up to prevent energetic imbalances. It includes 16 cares (1 care every 3 weeks) spread over the seasons.. It targets the harmonious energetic balance of the human being.

    Are your "Ophyto® Energetic cares" miraculous?

    Despite their efficiency, they are not alone to intervene with the balance process. Our cares do not consist in a simple application of products. They are accompanied by specific drainages, digitopuncture, massages and energetic ascents. They need professionalism, precision and obvious touch skills!

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